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I am the owner and sole operator of Grove Skincare and Lash. Grove skincare is a small, studio concept, spa. This means that you as a client get me and just me. This unique setup allows for personalized attention. No corporate rules I have to abide by, no commissions or quotas I need to meet. Just you, me, and your skin needs.


I started Grove Skincare and Lash Studio out of my passion for the industry, and the want to address the specific needs of my clients. I believe that great results, for both skincare and eyelashes, comes from the best product and the ability to customize based on individual needs. By continually educating myself I can bring the most up to date information to my clients.

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Price Update

Starting March 1, 2024 my prices will be changing.The new prices are updated under my list of services. 

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Sun-Tues: closed

Wed: 10 am-9 pm

Thurs: 1 pm-9 pm

Fri: 9 am - 6 pm

Sat: 9 am - 4 pm


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